When Life Gets You Down

Its been a rough month. I have been dealing with some health issues including an infection that won’t go away. I am seeing a specialist tomorrow. So after 3 doctor visits and 2 ER trips, hopefully I can get some answers. I’ll admit that I have been sad of and on about my friend. While I know she is in good hands, I can’t help but think of her family and kids. I look at my own children and cannot imagine being taken from them so soon. We are never guaranteed how long our lives will be, but one thing is for sure, God is good, and He loves me. I mean really loves me. And in spite of the trials I face, and the moments where life seems unfair, I remember that Jesus paid it all for me. He is King, Savior, Friend. He is here with me to comfort me in my sadness, fear and loss. I know the Bible says not to fear. But I am still human, dealing with life one moment at a time like the rest of you. So I am taking it one day at a time. When life makes you sad or afraid, reach out to a friend. The Bible says that God is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Eating or drinking yourself into oblivion will not solve your problems. I had a pity party for a few weeks, but am choosing to do what is right for me and my health.

Have a blessed Monday,



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