192, So Happy to See You

Losing weight while nursing an infant is a challenge all on its own. My kudos to moms who are able to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight within a couple of months. I however am not that mom. Although I had gotten my weight down as low as 147 last year, when I got pregnant I was maintaining closer to 153ish. Needless to say, I gained a lot more weight than I imagined. Which is weird considering my biggest craving while pregnant was salad. Not just any salad. All I wanted was iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers and red wine vinegar. I would add salt and pepper sometimes as well. I also wanted bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. But my weight didn’t spike until I added more carbs into the mix. This was about halfway through the pregnancy. I was on track to only gain about a pound a week (which would put total weight gain at 40 pounds). Then I started eating bread. Delicious and amazing gluten free bread. It was over after that. So after gaining about 60 pounds, I get to try this again. This time with the challenge of exclusively breastfeeding my child (well and pumping so that others can give a bottle with pumped milk).

No I do not want a medal, nor do I think that a mom who chooses to formula feed is somehow inferior to me. Moms are amazing and make a wide array of choices for their child everyday that they feel is best for their family. My reason for breastfeeding is two-fold. With my son, I had to supplement my breastmilk right away. It was so hard to make enough breastmilk for him after that. At around 7-8 months old he was 100% formula fed. My son also has a milk allergy and gluten intolerance, and was really gassy and fussy as a baby. He was allergic to the formula and I didn’t know it because he did not have what most people, including pediatricians, would consider classic allergy symptoms. I didn’t want to repeat that for my daughter. So I made the choice that if I could nurse (and pump) exclusively, I would. I also made the choice to give up all dairy 100%, which I really need to anyway because cheese is no longer my friend either. I am already gluten free of course, but I also removed all high gas foods pre-emptively, just to be sure. The result? A super happy, almost never gassy baby. She only fusses when she is hungry or her diaper is wet. There are no late hours up with a crying baby that can’t get back to sleep. Oh, and the other reason for no formula unless absolutely necessary? It is SO expensive. The amount of money we saved as a family when my son was off of formula (and on milk, before we recognized his allergy and got him tested), was crazy! So breastmilk is not only good for baby, it’s good for the wallet!

So this morning when getting on the scale, and I saw 192, I rejoiced. Ok, maybe that is a little exaggerated. But remember when I said that every pound lost is a pound to celebrate? Well I celebrated the loss of those last 2 pounds. Because I lost them, and because I did it while still being able to feed my daughter. only 39ish pounds to go until I get to my pre-pregnancy weight. There are  about 18 weeks until my anniversary. So if I lose only 1 pound per week, I will be 18 pounds lighter and that much closer to the goal. I heard once that pregnancy weight takes 9 months to put on, and to not stress if it takes 9 months to get off. I am taking that advice in stride, and hoping that by around Christmas I will be back in the 150’s. But it’s always one day and one pound at a time.

Thankful that God gives me grace and doesn’t care if I am obese or normal weight, but I believe He cheers with me as I move to my goal. He cares because I care, and He loves me.

Have a Blessed day!


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