HCG Follow-Up and More!

I got on here to check and see what my most recent blog posts were. I wanted to see where I left off about 9 months ago. Apparently I left off on a ridiculous note.

My thoughts on HCG are this: It’s a silly “diet” fad that had NO results for me in terms of weight loss….bummer. It was hard to even complete, and if I remember correctly, I gained about 5 pounds after it when I went to eat regular food, that were harder to come off. Frankly, I will stick with Paleoish Low-Carbish Highish Fat for my lifestyle.

So that other thing I talked about. You know, that sister baby that my precious son had been praying so diligently for…?

She is on the way! Yup. I am 7 months pregnant, with only 9ish weeks left to go until her big arrival. I got pregnant in July, which seems to be a good month for my fertility…Her due date is April 1…yup, my son’s birthday. And I am beyond excited!

As far as weight gain is concerned, it has been a bit discouraging, but here’s the thing, I know I can lose it again, and right now I am making sure my diet is on track for when baby gets here.

I will be honest, the first part of the pregnancy was a little rough. And although I have eaten significantly better than I did with my son, my weight gain has been much higher than I had hoped for….I wanted carbs. Bread carbs. Gluten free bread, but bread nonetheless. I craved salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber with red wine vinegar, and salt), bacon, and meat. I also enjoyed candy…a little too much candy. Cheese, as in cheese on gluten free pizza, even though it doesn’t agree with me….

Here’s where I am at: 31 weeks pregnant, 45 pounds gained… 😦

  • I have no food aversions anymore.
  • I am on a Paleo challenge with my sister and mom.
  • No more candy bars 😦 or other candy
  • No more cravings for them either 🙂
  • Not counting carbs specifically, but if I were to count, I probably run between 100-150/day on most days
  • Carbs only from fruits/veggies, and the occasional homemade Paleo treat
  • I have been researching low-carb and breastfeeding
  • I have been researching low-carb and pregnant

At my last appointment with my midwife I had gained 11 pounds!!! YIKES!! (That was in 4 weeks time). It was kind of a wake up call as to how those “little” things through the holidays really impacted me and my weight gain. I knew it was high too. I felt bloated, huge, puffy, uncomfortable, and like my maternity clothes were not going to fit for the rest of the pregnancy…yuck.

So, I did what comes natural to me, I gave up the sweets…very sad. I gave up the “gluten free” goodies. And I went back to my Paleo, low-carbish ways. So far, less bloating, the swelling has gone down, and I have my next appointment with the midwife this Friday and so far I haven’t gained a pound!! Yay! I was hoping to stall the weight gain for at least a few weeks, and it’s working. I am not sure if the midwife will be as happy as I am, but, that’s ok…The first image is me at 20ish weeks, then me at 29 weeks + 3 days.

Me at 18ish weeks29 weeks + 3 days



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