Maintenance & HCG

IMG_4858I would complain, but today I am not. I have been maintaining my weight at 145ish for the past more than a month. While I really really want to get to 130, I also am so thankful that I created a lifestyle that I can maintain my weight loss. most of the time I do not feel deprived. Most of the time I don’t have cravings, and most of the time I know I can do this.

Can I be really honest and candid here? I want to have another baby. But I don’t want to get pregnant before the goal. My 3-year-old son has been praying for a “sister-baby”. He wants mommy to have a baby girl. I want to start praying with him. The moment that scale says 130.

I know I look great, but getting to my goal has nothing to do with that. It has to do with finishing what I started almost 3 years ago. So, I have jumped on the crazy train for the next 2 weeks. I decided to try out the HCG diet using drops, not the shots. If it works well, I will continue with it until my goal, if it doesn’t do much, well, no harm, no foul right? I am using drops that some friends of mine used and had great results with. One of them has kept all of her weight off, the other has gained some of the weight back.

Its all about being able to maintain. And I think I have proven that I can do that. So, like I told my hubby, I wouldn’t consider HCG until I had the last 15-20 pounds to lose. I am on day 4 officially. It’s going ok so far. I want more food, and I have a little bit of hunger, but it’s not unmanageable. I also pre-weighed and cooked my meat, so it’s easy to grab and go. This is tremendously helpful! So, here’s to hoping and praying I can break into the 130’s. I can’t wait to get to the goal! Almost there. So, for those of you who know how much I hate fads. Well, here’s one fad that I hope I can come out of without gaining the weight back. Let’s see…


Have a blessed Tuesday!



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