5th Times a Charm…? 30 Day Shred

Oh Sheesh.

So this is one thing I have not been able to stick to.

The 30 day shred.


I am not sure why I have such a hard time sticking to a daily “exercise” routine.

Clearly I am not completely rebellious in my health. I quit eating wheat for goodness sake.

This however, is one mountain I have not yet conquered.

But I am so close to the goal, I want to get there faster.

Exercise should be my friend in this journey, but I am so against exercise regimens. I love being active, walking, hiking, swimming, etc. But I cannot stand fitness DVDs.

The 30 Day Shred Completion was on the list. My goals for 2014. Why not start the year off right, and git-er-done?!

That’s why I waited.


I waited to talk about this until I was done.

Previously I made it to day 12.

I am now complete.

I have finished the shred.

I had decided to start and actually wrote most of this blog post prior to today. It was a way to keep me committed. My other secret was that I have a friend who had started it as well. I contacted her and asked if she could help hold me accountable to complete it. We checked in everyday when it was complete. We shared our soreness and success. And of course, because I am sooo close to my 130 goal, I just did it. Forget whether or not I felt like it….I just decided to complete it for the goal. I did miss a few days, but I didn’t quit, I just kept pushing until I had done the DVD for 30 days.

Are you as stunned as I am?

Starting Weight: 156

Ending Weight:

Starting size: 8

Ending size:


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