Less Than 20 Pounds to Go!

Every weigh-in to me is monumental. Each time I lose even an ounce of weight, I am so excited. I really do celebrate each one lost. No amount of weight lost is too small for me. I get so excited when I see the scale move down. And I am so grateful to God for giving me the strength and wisdom to do this.

I feel like the finish line is in sight.

I used to run races, and I would get so tired along the way. I would tell myself, just one more step, I can go just one more. And I would. And then off in the distance I would see the finish line. I would hear the people cheering, and I would push just a little bit harder to get to the end.

I feel like that now. I had been getting kind of comfortable in the 150’s. I hadn’t given up, I was just lacking the motivation to push through. Maintaining weight is like jogging in place. You are still moving, but you aren’t going anywhere. I was still making good decisions, I just wasn’t making the little adjustments I needed to drop weight again.

So here I am. 148. I am the smallest I have been in my adult life, and I have only 18 pounds left to get to the goal. Part of me never thought this was possible. The other part of me wanted to prove that part of me wrong. And I have. I think I have also proven that weight loss doesn’t have to mean lots of intense exercise. Through diet alone, it is possible to lose a substantial amount of weight.

Other than buy a new wardrobe, any ideas on what I should do when I get to the goal? I want to start planning now.




6 thoughts on “Less Than 20 Pounds to Go!

    • Thanks for commenting. I decided that it was ridiculous to be disappointed when I lost any amount of weight. If my goal is to lose weight, why is 1 pound any different than 10? I am not a contestant on the biggest loser, I don’t exercise much, so the reality is that the weight comes off slower. So I decided long ago to celebrate every pound. To make a conscious choice to not say the words, “only 1?”, or something of the sort! I cheer myself on, and I really do get excited each time a lose something. I even decided to celebrate and “honor” the plateaus. I decided that if I wasn’t losing, and I wasn’t gaining, I was maintaining. I learned along the way how to make adjustments to maintain, which I think will be really helpful when I get to the goal. Plateaus can be frustrating, but they also give opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t, and it gives opportunity to switch things up.

  1. Congratulation on your loss!!! Here is a quick idea to possibly expand on: a healthy foods party of your closest family and friends with foods you have ENJOYED while losing weight. Show that healthy food IS yummy food too 🙂

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