The Importance of Good Support


Both of usI tell my hubby often that I don’t think I could’ve done this without his support. There are not words that I could use to express my gratefulness for my husband choosing to come on this crazy journey with me. He watched me struggle early in our marriage. I had gained about 20-30 pounds, and wanted so desperately to lose it. I tried and failed so many times. Then when I had our son, I started on the struggling path again. It was so hard. He was supportive of whatever I “tried”, but all of the temptations were always nearby, in the house, and I had a hard time saying no to them.

I know so many people who want to lose weight or make a drastic lifestyle change, but they can’t even get themselves started because they don’t have the support of the person who loves them most, and lives in their house. It’s hard. I know. When I found the book “Wheat Belly” and started to read it, it just made sense. I shared the info with my husband and it made sense to him too. Plus, he was tired all of the time, and I think he hoped it would give him some energy. I asked if we could try it together for a month in the house. We removed all of the wheat except for a few baby snacks, and got started. I managed to also convince my sister who was having trouble losing the baby weight as well, to come along with us.

My sister started the journey without her whole family quite on board. With 4 kids, and a husband, trying to change everyone’s diets was not possible at first, but with a few adjustments, she made it work. This is me on the left now, she is on the right. The middle picture is us when our sons were 5 months old in 2011.

This is her story:

“Okay here it goes….I went wheat free a little over 2 years ago. My decision to do so was because for as long as I could remember I would get violently ill after I ate. I never thought it could be wheat. [actually she had her gallbladder out at 19, and thought that was the problem]

After some convincing from my sister [because I am the best sister ever] and some friends, I decided to stop eating wheat. It was hard at first as I loved sandwiches. But guess what? I no longer got sick!! For the first time since I was a teenager I was no longer sick. It was a great feeling. I started to just feel generally better, more clear headed, no longer sluggish. I started making sandwiches with lettuce instead of bread. Which is actually nice. I substituted gluten free pasta for regular when we wanted pasta at home.

When I cook for my family it’s always gluten free. They don’t seem to mind as it still taste the same. There is still bread in the house and I make sandwiches every morning for my kids. Bread is actually the only thing I buy with wheat in it. Everything else is now wheat free. My oldest is pretty much wheat free, but the rest of my family doesn’t want to be. I no longer have any problems having wheat products in the house. I don’t eat any of then or have any cravings for them. I don’t substitute a lot food for gluten free foods. But it is nice to have a gluten free brownie every so often.

If you are starting out going gluten free, good for you! Don’t give in to the easy way of eating. (Ex: Fast food restaurants, a quick bagel in the morning, that sort of stuff. ) If having gluten products in your house is hard, then remove them. If you have a family unwilling to try gluten free with you don’t worry. If you are the shopper in the family, like me, then just buy gluten free products to replace a few in the house. (Ex: cereal or pasta) I never buy crackers or cookies and more. Snacks are fresh fruit, cheese, and occasionally I’ll make a gluten free treat.

There does neeWheat Free Journeyd to be a lot of will power on your part.

Look for groups to join.

Look for wheat free recipes online or buy a few books. I still eat pizza just gluten free kind which at some restaurants is really good.

Read labels of things you buy like sauces or dressings. Lots of those contain wheat. It will get easier with time. Do not give up!”

The most important thing she told me was that having someone on board with her really helped. Her and I have done this together, but guess what? My sister lives on the other side of the world. That’s why she recommended being a part of a group. Even if there’s not someone right in front of you to walk the path with you, there are groups to join.

So when you get started, get someone who has been there, or wants to go there, to go there with you. It makes all the difference in the world.

I hope you feel encouraged! If you need support on this journey, let me know.

Blessings and Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “The Importance of Good Support

    • It can be. I went many times without the full support of my hubby, until this last time. And my sister had to do it without being able to remove the temptations from the house. One day at a time. Every day is new opportunity to keep moving forward.

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