Getting Crafty-Me in my new dress

I have had a dress pattern for a couple of years (at least) with the intention of making a dress for myself. This is pretty interesting considering, I did not learn how to use a sewing machine until about 5 years ago out of necessity. Aside from making curtains and some blankets, my creative endeavors with sewing have been minimal. I think I also avoided it, because frankly, I didn’t like how I looked in the mirror. So why would I bother making a dress for myself? Well, at the end of last month, I finally picked out some fabric, and last night I finished my dress. A dress a few years in the making is a real hit. It was much simpler than I imagined, and I look great in it. I added the belt so that I don’t look pregnant and I wore it to work today with some nylons and a cute short cardigan. It was also fun getting to cut the pattern for the size 8 of the dress.

New Dress

Happy Wednesday!




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