Ring in the New Year! 2014 Paleo Challenge

My sister and I are at it again.

The holidays were a wonderful time to enjoy some delicious treats, eat a little too much, and spend time with family. Thanks to the delicious treats, my weight loss has stalled.

So for the month of January, we are doing a Paleo Challenge.

We made up our own rules, but basically you get points for eating Paleo each day, and you lose points if you eat any non-Paleo item. You also gain points for logging your food, and for exercise. At the end of the challenge, wheover loses the highest weight percentage, gets an additional 30 points.

She who has the most points, wins! And the winner gets $50 from the loser.

I like a little healthy competition, so this is going to be fun. In addition to me and my sister competing, we also have convinced my mom, my husband and my niece to join us. I want all of us to be successful, but really, I want to win the $50 as well.

So let the games begin!

Have  Blessed day!



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