Countdown to New Years Resolutions #3::Become a Better You

The final in my 3 post series is about becoming a better you, but not in the way you might think. As a believer in Christ, I believe that all people are capable of changing, they are capable of making decisions that change the trajectory of their lives. Sometimes however, we are incapable of changing ourselves without some serious help. God’s Word (The Bible) says that our minds can be renewed with the Word. When our mindsets are renewed, our behaviors start to change.

Maybe you struggle with anger, and you want to learn to let things go. Turn to God’s Word. There’s a scripture that says to be angry, but don’t sin (paraphrased).

Maybe you have a drug or alcohol addiction and you feel like you can never be free. Turn to the Word of God.

Maybe you struggle with lying, cheating, stealing, and causing problems for yourself and others. Turn to God.

Maybe you find yourself bouncing from guy to guy or girl to girl, and you find yourself satisfied but only for a moment. Are you empty, and trying to fill a void? May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (from Romans 15:13 NIV)

Maybe someone hurt you very deeply physically, emotionally or both. Maybe it’s time to forgive.

What if you could make a decision that would change and transform you from the inside out? When I gave my life to God through his Son Jesus Christ, my life was transformed from the inside out. God changed me. I didn’t change me. I received His free gift of salvation because I recognized my inability to truly live the life I dreamed I’d have. I recognized I needed forgiveness for the bad things I had said or done. I needed to forgive so that I could be free. Because despite my best efforts, I am not perfect, but God is.

If you imagined the best you, what would he or she look like? What behaviors would you have? What would life look like?

It’s hard for me to imagine myself if I had not become a Christian believer when I did. It’s hard for me to remember the young woman who lived life without a care in the world, and yet on the inside was hurting more than you could imagine. Or maybe you can imagine.

So maybe you want to know more, and maybe you don’t. No matter what you decide, let 2014 truly be a new year for you. Don’t let it be the same thing with different scenery.

If you want to know more, send me a message.

Either way, I pray that 2014 is a year of new beginnings, and that whatever goal you set for yourself, 2014 will end better than it started, and you will be a better version of you.

Happy New Year!



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