I Ate Too Much Last Weekend

My new boss’ wife has Celiac Disease. At Christmas, she makes all kinds of wonderful gluten free goodies. I was the recipient of a box of these goodies, and to be honest, they were so good, I ate almost the entire box in one day (I saved a piece of each goodie for my hubby). That started pretty much a full weekend where I ate things I don’t usually eat in a short amount of time….

I had french fries twice that day (last Friday), and then on Sunday we went out for Mexican and I devoured the chips. Needless to say, I ate too much and all week I have paid for it. I “gained” almost 4 pounds of binge weight, and it has taken all week  to come back off. It was sad to come in on Monday and weigh myself. I was a little too close to 160 for my comfort.

This isn’t something I normally do. Even if I have a “free” meal, I don’t usually turn it in to a long weekend of delicious junk. Things have been stressful, and I am thinking that this was probably a result of that.

I also don’t usually eat that many grains and potatoes all at once….But,

I am encouraged that it didn’t derail me for longer.

I am encouraged that I am back down to 154.

I am encouraged I can talk about it and not feel ashamed for it.

My Bible study First Place 4 Health officially ended this week. We lost a combined total of 29 pounds in the past 12 weeks. I am so thankful that I FINISHED the study.

I know that sounds weird but despite my binge, despite my shortcomings, I actually FINISHED the study. Finally.

The last main chapter in the book we studied talked about there being no shame. I can hold my head up high and not feel ashamed. I can trust in the Lord in ways I couldn’t before. My friend who did the study with me shared about how strange it was to ask God to help her lose weight. It seemed so superficial, but the reality is that He does care. When I am unhealthy, He cares because it affects all areas of my life. So I don’t need to feel to ashamed to ask Him for help. I don’t need to feel ashamed for letting myself get obese. I can hold my head up high and start a new day each day. His mercies are new everyday, and even on weekends where I eat too much, He has grace.

Have a blessed day!



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