My Secret Blog

For the 4-5 faithful readers I have on here, it may seem funny to think that any blog, let alone mine, was a secret. I am going to be honest, I haven’t shared this blog with very many people in my personal circle of friends and family. I know it seems pretty silly to keep a public blog a secret, but lets get real here. When I started this blog, I was uncertain as to whether or not I would be successful in losing this much weight. That’s the reality.

I started writing for me. Not for anyone else but me. I wanted a place to write, and to keep myself accountable to the goal. I wanted a place free of judgment, free of onlookers hoping I would fail, and I wanted a place where I could just be me. Free of titles or expectations. I live in a world of expectations at work, at home, even to a certain degree at church. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming, and I feel overwhelmed by my inadequacy. This is where I can write about that feeling, and then be able to say, that God is enough. And it’s true. When I am feeling overwhelmed I can run to Him, I can write it here in the void of the Internet, and I can trust that this is a place free of expectation. Because if you are reading this, you probably have your own battles and expectations to deal with.

If you are reading this, you may identify with an overwhelming sense of not being able to live up to the expectations around you. Either imposed by someone else, or yourself. I have those too. I set really high expectations, and then I fail to meet them. For instance, I started this blog with the goal of getting to 130 lbs by the time I turned 30. When I realized this would not happen, I reset the deadline. Instead of giving up because I missed the time limit, I changed it. I gave myself more time. I made progress to the goal, but I didn’t quite get there. Then I reset the deadline again. It looks like I will be 130 by my 32nd birthday, and to me, that is success.

Have you ever done that? Reset a goal deadline? I believe it’s important to make goals with deadlines. I believe if you make progress toward the goal, the deadline can be reset. What’s your story? Share it in the comments below.




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