Countdown to New Years Resolutions::Idea #1::Make Life Better for Someone Else

I am not typically a fan of only resolving to do something on New Years. I think it’s a recipe for failure because often people lose steam after a few months. Once the hype of having a “New Years Resolution” is over, it’s easy to just give up.

With that said, I am creating a Countdown to New Years Resolutions to give you new ideas for 2014.

Resolution Idea #1: What if resolutions weren’t just about yourself? What if you resolved to make life better for someone else?

This can be in the form of anything, but here is a short list:

1. Make time by volunteering on a regular basis (once a week, once a month): Think homeless Shelters, Soup Kitchens, Food pantry’s, Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, Big Brother/Big Sister, Your Local Church, Nursing Homes etc.

2. Do random acts of kindness: Do you see the same person sitting on the corner asking for money day after day? Stop and say hello, ask them their story, offer to pick up a few things they need from the store, and bring it back to them, offer a hug, pray with them. It’s lonely on the corner, and sometimes people just need to know that someone cares.

Do you know a family who is going through a hard time? Do you get your venti Caramel Frappuccino day after day? Do you know a single mom or dad who may need a helping hand? Reach out of your comfort zone, make a few small concessions, and spread some love.

3. Resolve to get off your phone, computer, etc. to spend time with your family and the people you love. They will remember and cherish every moment.

Happy Friday the 13th!




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