A Bit of Encouragement for a Cold Colorado Day

It’s -10 degrees in sunny Colorado today. I am loving the beauty and the serenity of the snow, and I am so thankful for the simple things. A warm home. Heat in my car. A great job. And my precious little boy who had tubes put in his ears yesterday, and did great! I never know what I will encounter each day, but I am thankful for God’s mercies.

I did a weigh in this morning and I am at 154. In the locker room at work, a lady asked me what I was doing. She said that she didn’t want to sound rude but she noticed that it seemed like I had lost a significant amount of weight. These moments are so great for me. They actually bless me, and I am not at all offended at people’s responses to noticing my weight loss. I think it’s so difficult to gauge how people react, that it’s often hard for people to say anything. But I appreciate it when people take a moment to encourage me along the way. (because trust me, I need it). I got to share a brief bit of my journey, including the role of wheat removal in my weight loss success, and come to find out, she read Wheat Belly in May and gave up wheat herself. She is not overweight at all, but she did suffer migraines, and by getting rid of wheat, she no longer has them.

I love hearing these stories. My hope is that more and more people share theirs, and that this Wheat free movement can become more mainstream, not as a fad diet, but instead as a way to increase health and create a lifestyle for more people. It is heartbreaking to see people struggle with their health, including their weight. I have nothing but Compassion for people who are like I was. My prayer is that they can find their way to health, and they would have the guts to give up wheat if it would mean success.

So here’s a photo update of me from my Weigh and Win Weigh in Yesterday:

Weigh and Win Weigh in. 120 pounds lost.

Weigh and Win Weigh in. 154 pounds. Wheat Belly Success!!!

Have  a Blessed Friday, and if you are in Colorado, KEEP WARM!



2 thoughts on “A Bit of Encouragement for a Cold Colorado Day

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