Day 3 of Round 2 #Jumpstarttoskinny Weigh In

3 days in, and the only thing I NEED to focus on is the exercise. I am doing fine with the eating part of the Jumpstart, but committing to a regular workout regimen is really hard for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am working on planks, pushups, and situps on a regular basis, but anything longer than about 5 minutes, and I quit.

Tonight, I WILL workout for 15 minutes. I kinda need to because a cold front has moved in here in Colorado and the temperatures are going to be FREEZING, and it’ll be tough to get in my walks….

Ok, so the part you  are probably waiting for….the WEIGH IN. Drum roll please……


I am down 1.2 pounds from yesterday. I am so close to the 140’s. And my size 8 pants are starting to get loose. That is not a phrase that I thought would ever come out of my mouth. But it’s true and SOOOO exciting. I hope to be down to a size 6 by Christmas.

I hope that this round of the Jumpstart will yield more weight loss than the first round. I also hope that I can reach my goal weight of 130 by the end of January. I think it’s doable. Reasonable. And I can’t wait to step on the scale and see those numbers staring back at me. *Sigh* So close. So so so close.

On another note:

I did a search for Wheat Belly and Paleo success stories and landed on a blog with a review of the Wheat Belly Book.  It’s hard to read reviews by people who don’t actually do what the book says to do.  It’s hard to read something so negative when it has made such an impact on my life. I don’t know if going wheat free will help everyone with their ailments. But it’s the least expensive try you could do. I am not a medical professional, and I FAILED at weight loss and healthy living EVERY SINGLE TIME. Until now.


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