Size SMALL!!!

I went shopping yesterday, because frankly, I realized after I had cleaned out my closet that I had very few shirts that actually fit. I have been putting off buying anything because I am not at my goal yet. But I hit a big milestone, and thought it would be exciting to share. As you can see from the tag, I am wearing a size SMALL in shirts. Yup. A small. I even tried on a shirt that was an XS and it looked great, but I decided on a couple of others instead.

I also weighed in today, and this morning I was at 155.8. Only 25.8 pounds to go!!!

I am beyond excited. I am thrilled and so thankful to God for helping me get this far. The reality is that I have no real willpower of my own. But where I am weak, He is strong. For the first time in my life I trusted Him to help me with my weight. I know some people might ask, why does God care about that if there are starving people in the world? Because God loves me and cares about me too. Unlike me, He can focus on everyone at once. He loves us all, and cares about our situations. He cares that I was hurting.He cares that I needed His help to deal with the emotional issues that contributed to my obesity. He cares. He loves. And I am so thankful He loves.

My life isn’t complete because I am a size small. My life is complete because I have Jesus in it. I am learning to trust him more and more each day.

Happy Monday!





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