Hello Size 8!!!


This really is a post for me to brag on myself. I know that sounds so narcissistic, and it is, but those of you who have fit comfortably in a single digit size for most of your lives would not understand the weight of what I just wrote.

I am a size 8. I was a size 18 or more. To be  honest I don’t really know because I refused to buy pants for so long after I had had my son. I bought some XXL and XL shirts and dresses, and I wore XXL maternity pants for such a loooong time.

It was scary. I was  in denial.

I didn’t want to be obese. I am an educated woman. I was too good for it….so I thought. I felt so incredibly awful. I felt like failure. I thought I would never see the low end of the double digits let alone a single digit size.

But I didn’t let my past failure keep me  from hoping. From dreaming, and from putting those dreams into action.

I didn’t let the past dictate the future. So, for the first time in my adult life, I am a size 8. And it feels great.





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