Fad Diets

I thought I would write a post about Fad Diets. This has a pretty bad connotation and for good reason. I followed many a “fad” to try and lose weight in the past, and frankly, I failed miserably.

Google defines fad as:

                an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, esp. one that is short-lived and without 
                basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.
The definition of diet can be a verb or a noun:
               1. The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats
          2. A special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.
The implication is that a fad diet is short-term and not sustainable.
For instance, Jump start to skinny. For most people, (unless they are medically supervised), it is not feasible to eat only 800-1000 calories a day for an extended period of time, and still remain healthy. The author of the book never suggests that it is a longterm solution either.
But what can be learned from this “fad”? I don’t have to count the calories in all of my veggies. I need to eat a lot of veggies at each meal in order to lose and maintain weight loss. I need to eat good whole foods. All of these things, if learned, can be taken out of the fad and made a part of a person’s everyday “diet” (from the noun definition #1 above).
Other fads include HCG, cabbage soup, the Master Cleanse (aka Lemonade diet), etc. I would purport that even calorie counting can be a fad. If you only do it for a short time, and then give up, go back to eating how you did before….by definition it would be a fad.
I am writing this because a photographer colleague of mine posted about wanting to lose weight, but not having time to exercise. He even said that he had gained back the 20 pounds he lost over the summer. He blames a slow metabolism. Fair enough. I have been there, done that, wrote the book (well, not yet).
I suggested he give up wheat, and check out the book “Wheat Belly”. My usual suggestion, because I KNOW his pain. Firsthand. I know what it feels like to think that the only way to have success is to exercise all the time. I know what it feels like to gain and lose and gain and lose, and never be able to sustain a normal weight unless I am doing crazy amounts of exercise. I know. I really really know.
So of course his response was that he isn’t into “fad” diets. It’s been a while since someone told me that the way I eat and have eaten for almost 2 years is a fad. And I get it. It sounds crazy!

But isn’t the definition of crazy that you do the same things over and over again, expecting different results?
But I felt really discouraged by his comment. I felt discouraged because I have watched 4 people (myself included) be transformed by giving up wheat. I felt discouraged because immediately it is written off as a fad because it doesn’t follow the USDA’s guidelines. I felt discouraged, because Dr. Davis and his medical associates and colleagues have a LONG way to go.
I am not a proponent of fads. There are people who can eat wheat and never feel the negative effects of it. But for those of us who have struggled with weight issues, and can never seem to get ahead, I would recommend Wheat Belly and the way it says to eat from the bottom of my heart. I recommend it not because I make money from it, but because for 29 years of my life I struggled. Now I struggle no more.
Oh, and I have been done with the Jump Start for a week. My weight is now 158. I lost another pound.

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