Final Results for #JumpstarttoSkinny

I ended my Jumpstart to Skinny on Tuesday. My total weight lost was 10 pounds. I can now get a size 8 ON, it doesn’t look the greatest, but they are on and zipped (HUGE MILESTONE).

Coming out of it, I have determined several things:

  1. I now want to eat “free Veggies” at every meal.
  2. I am counting calories for a little while just to make sure I don’t derail my progress.
  3. My calorie count is 1200-1300 PLUS all the free veggies I want.
  4. I got full eating a large 116 calorie apple for breakfast today.
  5. It’s harder to get to 1200 calories when you don’t snack.
  6. It wasn’t the hardest thing ever to commit to for 3 weeks.
  7. I want to do it again in a few weeks.

I know you read #7 and probably thought “is she crazy??!!!”. No I am not crazy. I plan to do a second round of the Jumpstart to Skinny plan right after Thanksgiving. There’s a few reasons why I am going to wait:

  1. I want to eat “Normal” for a few weeks, and give myself a rest from the very strict calorie allotments. I also want to make sure I don’t gain anything, and maybe lose at a more moderate rate of 1-2 pounds/week.
  2. I did a bad job of exercising 5 days/week on the Jumpstart. I want to get into that habit over the next few weeks while I eat more calories.
  3. I want to eat pie and not count the calories. Yup. Pie. Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving. I want to eat it and not worry that it alone probably has about 300-500 calories in one delicious slice. I won’t count that day. And for me, that’s okay. I don’t eat stuffing, I don’t eat many potatoes, I don’t really like turkey all that much, but pecan pie? yum. yum. yum.

So stay tuned for round 2 of Jumpstart to Skinny. I weigh 159. I have only 29 pounds left to lose to get to the goal. I can and will do it!!


Happy Friday,



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