End of Week 1 #jumpstarttoskinny

I have been 1 full week on Jumpstart to Skinny. I really like this as a quick option to take the weight off. I just have to maintain when I am done.

So here are my results for the end of week 1:

Start weight: 169
End Weight: 162.6
Pounds lost: 6.4

Size 10’s are getting loose.

Thighs are smaller in my dress pants.

I exercised 4 days this week.

I ate 800-900 cals/day plus lots of free veggies

I ate no sugar. 😦

I don’t follow the electrolyte rule or the coffee rule. I can’t have caffeine, it gives me severe headaches, and I just haven’t bothered with the electrolytes.

I did not exercise everyday, so for week 2, that’s my big goal. Get all my walking and workouts in.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Hope you have a blessed day!



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