Plateau Broken….163

Nailed it! I did my morning weigh in today and I am now 163, I am almost to the 150’s!!!!

I know there are so many critics of the Jumpstart to Skinny method. My encouragement: no matter how you feel about Bob Harper as a celebrity, remember that he is and was a professional, certified trainer before his fame. My encouragement to anyone is to read the material first, and remove any ideas you have about the calorie amount being unhealthy, and to look at it through new eyes. It is not a long-term solution. It is not about being skinny. It is a healthy alternative to many of the other short-term weight loss products being sold on the market.

Personally, I tried Intermittent Fasting, super low-carb, and normal calorie restriction and could not break through the 165 plateau. I always got stuck.

On Jumpstart to Skinny I eat healthy, lots of veggies, enough protein and carbs to keep me going, and to keep my muscle tone. Yes I feel hungry sometimes. Yes, I could not do this part long-term. But I have an exit strategy for when the Jumpstart is over. I could transition into Skinny Rules, but I think I am going to instead up my calorie allotment to 1200, and continue to follow the rest of the Jumpstart rules. (my take is more on the Paleo side of things still, and I continue to be wheat free)

Best of all? I have lost 6 pounds. (I was at the top of my weight fluctuations when I started).

I am looking forward to getting to my 130 goal, and to maintaining there with the help of these new tools.

So goodbye plateau, and hello 150’s….almost. 🙂

Happy Monday!


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