The Bible has a scripture that says, “without vision the people perish, but blessed is he whkeeps the law”. There are so many applications for this scripture, I don’t even know where to begin. The first one is obvious in terms of the whole scripture. It’s talking about keeping the law of God. Many people have a belief that the “rules” are there to keep us from having fun. The rules are there because its Gods character, and He does not change. The “rules” or the law, show us the direction we should go, and we always have to choice of whether or not we will go that way. 

The law keeps us safe. 

This truth can be compared to the journey of weight loss that I have been on these past two years. My vision,130×30, has been set before me. I don’t know what it will look like. I don’t know what size I will be, I don’t know how I will maintain it when I get there. There are a lot of unknowns on this journey. But I do know that by have a vision, a specific tangible goal, I have been able to push forward through plateau after plateau to not give up. Even though my weight has bumped up 4-5 pounds at times, I. Did not let it derail me, because I had a vision.

The bible also speaks of setting up stones of remembrances to be able to remember what The Lord did in the lives of the people. You see, He didn’t want them to forget and then choose to go their own way. Compare that idea to this journey, and you see that I have had to record my progress. I have set up my stones to remember where I came from. I have taken photos along the way to visually see what I looked like when I was obese.

So what is your vision? What stones have you set up along the way to remember where you came from? How are you going to push through to choose the things that will get you to that goal, that vision?

I don’t fancy myself a theologian, or a great writer. I am just a woman, who loves The Lord God with all of her being and desires to live an abundant life for Him. Be blessed, and Happy Wednesday! Kristi


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