I Feel Like a Tortoise…who weighs 167

They say slow and steady wins the race, but boy oh boy, does it have to be this slow?? I have reached 167 pounds. My clothes are getting looser even though the pounds are coming off slower. Low-carb is not as painful as I had once imagined, but it’s also not a quick thing. I want to hit 166.1, because Then I get more money from Weigh and Win this quarter. I know…it’s kinda silly, but the extra $30 could prove to be useful.

So here I am inching along to 130. only 37 more pounds to go. Part of me wasn’t sure I would ever get this far. The other part of me was determined no matter how long it took. I will get there. I will reach 130 pounds. This year. So I leave you with the thought that anything is possible. I trust the Lord will get me through. I trust that He will help me in this, and that healing will continue to happen along the way.



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