Re-setting Deadlines

Tomorrows the big day. I will be 31. I had reset the deadline for my goal for tomorrow. I will not be reaching 130 tomorrow. So it’s time to officially move the deadline. The goal is still the same. I am actually very encouraged and very motivated right now. Let me tell you the exciting things:

Current weight: 168
Current size:10/M

In total I have lost almost 110 pounds in a little over 2 years. Wow. Someone at work told me I looked good the other day, he asked how much weight I had lost, and to say “about a 110” was exciting. I didn’t feel ashamed, or scared, or anything like that, I felt proud. I felt like I had reached a huge milestone. It was an accomplishment of epic proportions.

So even though my deadline was for tomorrow and I am 38 pounds away, I am only 38 pounds away from the goal! That is so exciting! I can almost wear single digit sizes, I can put on almost any medium shirt and have it fit, I can see my knees, I have ab muscles starting to show through the fat. I wear shorts. Yes, shorts, and not the long Bermuda kind, shorter ones, and I feel great in them!

I keep imagining what size I will be at 130. Since I have no idea, I am just guessing, I am thinking maybe it will be a 4, and shirts might be extra SMALL….that is exciting to think about.

I am so thankful that God gave me the faith to believe it was possible, the encouragement to push through the hard times, and the discipline to move in the right direction. There are hardly words, except thank you Jesus! I am almost there.

So the new deadline is October 15th. My 8 year wedding anniversary. That’s 3.5 months. I think it’s possible, so I am going to try!

Here we go! Happy Saturday!



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