Just Keep Swimming

I am nearing my 31st Birthday. One year later than the original goal I set for myself. The old me would have given up. The old me would have chosen pizza and cookies, and just ate myself into a food coma. But I am still moving ahead. I am not there, but the goal is still there. Right where it has been the whole time. It’s hard to explain to people. It’s hard when I hear how skinny I look, or why do I need to lose anymore, etc. etc. It’s hard to tell them, “But I am not 130 yet”. I haven’t reached the goal. The goal was never to be “skinnier than I am now”. The goal was, and is, to get my body to 130 pounds.

So, like Dory in the movie Finding Nemo, I just keep swimming, all I have to do is Swim Swim Swim. I will get there. I just need to beat this crazy plateau I have been stuck at for 3 months.

130 is in my sights. I can see it. I am being changed along the way. But here I come 130!! I will see you soon!!!

Happy Monday,


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