Epic Fail-Paleo Challenge

So this challenge I have been on, I kinda just gave up. Not sure why, other than I just didn’t feel like it. Terrible excuse. I have been maintaining my weight loss, which is a feat in itself, but frankly I wanted to be much closer to the 150’s by now. My biggest weakness? Sugar. I don’t know what it is exactly. Stress maybe. Exhaustion (this waking up at 5am because the sun is coming up is killing me…), but I just want sugary, carby things. chocolates. Icecream. yeah. bad idea. Perhaps the biggest issue? Lack of planning. We have done a terrible job of meal planning, and I think that is a big contributor to the problem. So to remedy that, I made breakfast and lunches in advance.

This morning I ate a banana, a frittata, and for lunch I have cauliflower “fried rice” ready for lunch. I have 3 days of breakfast and lunch prepped already, so I am hoping that helps with my problems. I think I need to do a week or two of carb counting and cut out the rice, potato, and starchy fruits again. 😦 sad. No bananas for me. And we have family coming to town this week, so I am hoping in the midst of that, I can stay true to my commitment. So for this week only, no rice, no potatoes, and no more bananas.

Ok, I am NOT a failure. Let’s get that straight. I am succeeding in my goals, it is just taking longer than I would prefer.

Happy Monday!


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