Weigh In: 169!!!

I broke the 160’s. I thought it would never happen. I am now 39 pounds away from my goal. I am currently doing a Paleo Challenge again with my sister. The prize? a new bathing suit. I kinda need one, so I am hoping to win. I have been gone a while, and the journey was rough the past couple of months. I went to Switzerland on a business trip, and really could not eat Paleo. I had a TON more carbs than normal, but it was a great trip. I ended it at 178…bummer, but it came off fast once I got back into my normal routine. Good to know that if I gain weight on a vacation, I can get it off quickly.

I joined the gym. Yup. I did that. I want to do pull-ups and have a strong physique, so I joined to have access to the weight machines. It has been good. I went the week or 2 before my trip, and then it took me almost 3 weeks to go back. I went back today. I am hoping that building the additional muscle mass will help the weight come off even faster. We will see. I don’t think I am going to make it by my birthday. Still a bummer, but there is hope that I can make it to 130 by the end of the summer. I would really like that. I have faith that I will get there. I think the resetting of my goals, and being realistic with the amount of effort I am exerting is also beneficial. 130 is in sight. I can do this. One day at a time.

Happy Wednesday


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