Stalling, and not the Car

I have been in flux over the same 3 pounds for the past couple of weeks. I stalled. So what do you do when you stall the car? You stop, evaluate the situation, and give the car a little more gas (in simple terms). I feel like this is a plateau that is critical to the rest of my journey. I have been in this place before, and I know how to get smaller from here…or well, I know how I did it 15 years…maybe a similar method will work…

While I could let it get me down, and go and binge on sweet, delicious and crazy things, I have been taking the time to evaluate where I am at, and make a plan to continue on toward the 130 goal. I feel like I have been running a marathon, and right now I can take a breath. Inhale, exhale. Enjoy this moment.

I now weigh between 171 and 174. For Real. I am that awesome.
I wear a size 12-14. Awesome.
I can fit in my wedding dress. Double awesome.
I need new undergarments because ALL of them are too big. Sweet.
I can do 6 pushups at once. Count that, 6!
I like how I look in the mirror. I know, weird.
I have energy. Most of the time. No thanks to Daylight Savings ending this week…
I can buy clothes from the not plus-sized department. Yay for more selection!
I have a greater level of confidence. Not because I am small, but because I have overcome obstacles and things that I have struggled with for years. Yup. Years.
I am not constantly controlled by hunger. Liberation. Freedom. Peace of mind.
I don’t calorie count. Yup. You heard me. No calorie counting. Portion control, yes. Limiting processed foods. Yes. Lots of fruits veggies and meats. You betcha. But I don’t count calories. I enjoy a freedom I have never known because of this. It’s awesome!
I don’t eat dairy very much anymore. It makes me bloated, gassy and uncomfortable.

So, I may be stalled, but here’s the plan:
Limit sugary and processed foods
Limit Starchy Veggies
Limit non-wheat grains (rice and oats)
Limit Juice. (I am a juice fiend. I won’t tell you how much of it I drank today. Good thing I am not counting calories.)
Enjoy Veggies, Fruit, Meat, Nuts
Enjoy feeling great about what I eat.
Try something new twice a month. (we had lamb earlier this month)

Increase outdoor playtime (it is getting to be spring)
Walk 2x per day on my work breaks
Jog…Maybe…4x/week-30 mins. each
Move my butt
Pray. A lot. I need extra encouragement to get to the finish line. God is my source of all things, and trust me, it’s only because of Him I have gotten this far. When I start doubting myself, who I am, and start to hear those voices that tell me I am worthless, it’s God’s word that reminds me that I am a beautiful creation, made in His image, called according to His purposes. It’s His word that reminds me of my value, and that my value doesn’t depend on a number on the scale.

So I am stalled. But I am hoping this plan is the extra gas I need to get up and go and finish this part of my journey!



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