Sagging Skin and Weight Loss, CELEBRATE IT

I am going to be candid here. I have sagging skin. My belly has a pouch that I am not sure that I can ever get rid of. The smaller I get, the smaller it gets, but lets face it, years and years of being obese, having a baby…the skin does not magically disappear. I see ways to get rid of sagging skin, like it’s something to be ashamed of. I see in forums that people who are on weight loss journeys are so focused on the saggy skin, that they forget to celebrate it. I see pins on Pinterest on how to tighten and firm up skin. And the message is clear.

As women, we are told to hide it, that it’s ugly, it doesn’t fit into this predetermined mold of what a perfect woman should look like. I also have saggy underarms. My arms are starting the get slender, but, when I wave my hand…my underarm skin joins it. It’s frustrating that society shuns obese people in the first place. It’s frustrating when there is pressure to be and look a certain way, and that losing weight and being healthy isn’t enough. You have to get rid of the sagging skin in order to be accepted. I understand that for many obese people who lose the weight, the sagging skin is actually uncomfortable, causes other problems, and I applaud them for their accomplishments. but their sagging skin should not be something that they are made to feel ashamed of.

Sagging skin should be celebrated.
“Look at what I have done”
“Look at what can be accomplished, when you set your mind to something”
“look, I am healthy now”

Sagging skin is a badge of honor. I wear mine with joy and thankfulness to God for how far I have come.

So today, celebrate your sagging skin, your flaws, and your beauty. You are an incredible beautiful creation of God. That is something to celebrate.



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