Moving Mountains

Have you ever written your own “I have a dream” speech? Have you ever had something shake you to the core so much so that you were compelled to action?

How do you act on something that’s so big, so out of reach? How do you take the first step toward realizing your dream? 130×30 is not just about weight and looking hot. It’s about overcoming obstacles. Puching through the things that stand in your way of your ultimate dreams. Being obese kept me from so much of living. It kept me bound to food and thinking about food all of the time. I feel like a huge weight (no pun intended), has been lifted from me. As I walk this journey toward my health, with the leading of he Lord, I know that God has put a fire inside of me to do huge things! And being huge was keeping me from having the confidence to move forward.

I have big dreams. Bigger than 13×30. I have a heart to change the world.

The Bible says that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. 130×30 is about moving mountains.

What mountains do you have to move today?



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