Friday Weigh-In: Hello 176

This week has been fantastic! Not only have I gotten lots of compliments from co-workers commenting on how great I look, but I hopped on the scale at work (real scale, not like the one I have at home), and my REAL weight is 176! 176! I don’t have to add 5 pounds because the numbers are off, I just get to be excited about my real weight. I haven’t been this small in a very long time. 2007 was the last time was in the 170’s. And now here I am again, and on my way down!!

You know what that means right? I am only 46 pounds from my goal. I only have to lose 46 pounds to get to 130 pounds. My goal weight. I have never been there before and the closer I get, the more excited and motivated I get. It’s hard to explain how I feel. This is something I always wanted. A photographer friend once asked me, do you want it, or do you want to want it (in terms of something unrelated)? I was stuck so long in this “want to want” mode. I would give in, or let life take me down the fat path again. I would let my hurts, anxieties, and fears cripple me. I thought I was destined to be fat. “It’s in my genes” you hear people say. I wish I had known 10-15 years ago the effect that wheat had on me. I wish I had known it wasn’t really all that complicated. It is rather simple in fact. Not easy. But simple. My whole paradigm for weight loss and food had been altered. Forever. My life has been changed by one simple act. I gave up eating wheat.

I can’t wait until I can share with you that I am 130 pounds. The day is coming soon! Praise the Lord!

Have a Happy Friday,


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