Last Month’s Challenge Results

My Paleo Challenge is over. I am surprised by a few things.

1. I am surprised at how easy it was to get rid of the rest of the grains. I did have a few to be completely honest, but even when I did, I found them to be bland and unsatisfying.
2. I am surprised at how hard it was to get rid of dairy. Dairy has quite the hold on me. I LOOOVE cheese and icecream. This was the most challenging part.
3. I am surprised at how good I feel. I know that its subjective, but the few times I ate grains or dairy, I felt bloated, gassy, and tired. Even with the dairy I felt more sleepy. I also had an interesting response when I had dairy one night, my knee joints started to ache within 30 minutes of eating it. It was very uncomfortable, but went away after about 24 hours. I will have to think through that one…

I am not a die hard Paleo person. I don’t do crossfit which seems to be what a lot of people do who eat this way, but I am getting stronger.

I can do 20 pushups from my knees. My goal is to be able to do 1 real one by the end of February. I know, strange goal, 1 pushup….I have never done a real pushup. So, my goal is 1

I can walk long distances, and I dont feel as out of breath. Even going up flights of stairs.

I like the idea of 80/20 or 90/10 Paleo. I feel like it leaves the options open if I really want some chips and salsa, or chili with beans or hummus, or rice, or even icecream every once in a while. My health is important to me, and so is getting to my 130 goal. But I am glad I tried this out, and will definitely incorporate what I learned into my daily habits.

Have a Blessed Day


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