Paleo And Update

So I did really great for a couple weeks, and I felt amazing. Then I got a throat infection, and dairy and fruit Popsicles were my only relief. Boo. So needless to say, my paleo journey turned more into a 90/10. The results? Dairy leaves me gassy and bloated, and grains leave me more tired. I plan to only have them once or twice a week! And only when I want to suffer…

Other updates:

1. After only 7 years, I can finally get my wedding dress on and zipped.

2. My maternity bathing suit…waaaay too big. 

3. Fitting in 12/14 sized pants and some 10 dresses.

4. Some friendly competition with my sister each month leaves for some fun prizes. I think she is going to win this month. 

5. I can do 20 pushups…on my knees. I can almost do 1 real pushup…for the first time in my LIFE.

6. I earned $45 this past quarter through weigh and win. I just started year 2 in the program.


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