2013 New Year, Been gone a long time

Happy New Year! I haven’t forgotten my goal. I haven’t lost sight of it. The last six months have been a rollercoaster of emotion and hurt. You see, when I wrote that post back in July, I was pregnant. I was getting ready to have my second child, and my husband and I were excited and scared. I was a little bummed to still be so big, but that didn’t really matter as much as that I was going to be a mommy to another incredible child.

Then tragedy struck. At 12 weeks pregnant, we lost our precious child. I am still dealing with the hearthache, but God is so good, and He continues to give me comfort and peace. He continues to heal my broken heart. I knew this journey wouldn’t be without bumps in the road. I didn’t expect that one though. I don’t know how to tell people, or how to share that even in the midst of heartache, God is still good. Even in the midst of the storm, there will be warmth and light once again. It has been a trying time for me.

The comfort I have is that my little baby is safe in the arms of Jesus and will never have to know this feeling of hurt and loss. He or She will only know the goodness of God, and one day, I will be reunited with him or her again.

Not much else to say today.

Be Blessed,



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