184 And Still Pressing On to 130

130×30 is all about tangible goals. I want to be 130 lbs by 30. I wanted it to be my 30th birthday. BUT, I am still 30, so I have to set a new deadline to reach my goal. I feel like having this goal is the best decision I have made for my health. It’s strange. A year ago, I would not have thought that I could have gotten this far.  I would have thought that like normal I would have given up. If my weight didn’t go down as much as I wanted I would have thought I would be frustrated and giving up. BUT. I. Didn’t. Quit.

I liked my wii this morning. I liked it when it showed me my weight was 184. 184!! I haven’t seen this weight in a long time. What a number to celebrate. For those who have never struggled with being overweight or obese, to see a number like that would be awful. But to me it is joyful. A milestone to celebrate. I decided that this journey is simple. It is not easy. But it is simple. It is hard. Not difficult.

I had to make so many choices. And they are choices I make everyday. I had to make choices I knew it would be possible for me to sustain once I reached my goal. I walk, most days. I gave up wheat. I choose to eat fruits and veggies at each meal…most days.

So a goal. A new, tangible, realistic deadline. I have 54 pounds to lose to get to 130. ONLY 54. How exciting.  I can do it. I can. So a new deadline. 130×1/30. I am aiming to reach my 130 pound goal by January 30th, 2013. There. I said it. Scary. It is so close I can almost taste it. Going to stores to try on clothes and everything fits and looks good. Feeling confident and energized. Having a story to share with others. I am excited.

I hope you are having a great Thursday!




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