Skinny Legs and The Shred Update

I don’t have skinny legs. In fact, my legs are my least favorite part of my body. They always have been. I was always jealous growing up, of those girls with beautiful shapely legs that could wear shorter skirts and shorts. Of those girls with long slender legs. I am short. I have what my family calls “thunder thighs”. Big, chunky, thick legs. I think you get the picture. I am very bottom heavy in my shape. So today and yesterday I have worn a skirt to work.

For me this is daring.

This is stepping out of my comfort zone because in addition to having fat legs, I also have varicose veins from years and years of being fat.


I am very self-conscious about my legs. So this morning I put on a cute spring skirt, and some cozy heels, and left home hoping I looked good enough for today. I got to work and went to the locker room to weigh myself, and noticed that my legs looked pretty good today. Then later this morning when I was heading out of the kitchen, I noticed in the door glass that my legs look really good. In fact the word “skinny” came to mind. SO today, I think my legs are starting to look skinny. Skinny in a good way. Skinny in the way the breaks down that wall of insecurity.

So Update on the Shred:

I told you there would be photos and updates, and I failed in that, BUT I am on track to complete 30 days worth of shredding before my birthday. The 30th of this month. So YAYAYAYAY!! More details to follow. Maybe.

Blessings and Happy Thursday!



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