30 Day Shred by 30

So, it’s a little more than a month until my 30th birthday, and the realization that I am not going to reach my goal of 130 pounds by that day is a bit of a bummer. I am working hard. I know I could work harder, but I want to be able to sustain a lifestyle for life. The changes I have made are changes that I will keep forever. To be honest, the idea of needing to go to the gym an hour or more a day for the rest of my life sounds like torture. If that’s the “best” option or the option that would have me losing 15 pounds a week, then I don’t want that. I want a lifestyle that I can live with. BUT I also want a body I am proud of. I want to look and feel great and not have my weight be an issue. So what’s the solution?

What I am doing now. Like the people that ask “what’s your secret?”, they don’t understand that there is no real secret. I found a way to lose weight slowly (1-2 pounds/week) that I can live with. I found a way to do this in a way that I don’t feel deprived, or overworked, or like I am missing out on something. My “secret” is making my “diet” a part of my life, and choosing exercise that I can do anywhere, anytime.

So on to the title of this post. I may not be able to reach 130 pounds on my 30th birthday. But I will reach it while I am 30. I decided I needed a little boost and a challenge. I have a confession to make (perhaps I have made it already), but I have never completed the 30 day shred. Ever. I have started about a dozen times, and the longest I have gone is 12 days. Most of the time I only do 7 before I quit. I don’t know why I quit most of the time, I know a few times I got very sick in the middle of it and had to stop and didn’t start up right away, but that is my challenge.

You’ll get some before photos and details, and then a midway progress one, and the final weigh-in for the shred. The DVD says you can lose “up-to” 20 pounds, which would be great! So we’ll see what I am able to lose, and how it helps me move a little faster toward my goal. AND, the 30 day shred will be completed before my 30th birthday. Whose in??


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