What’s Your Secret?


Someone asked me this today. Its as if I discovered some unknown thing and now I am losing weight. But really its not complicated. Its hard and challenging, but pretty simple.

Step 1-get rid of wheat. In all forms. Don’t replace it with “gluten free” foods.

Step 2-reduce overall carbohydrate intake. I aim to stay between 80-100g/day.

Step 3-move. Yeah, get up off your wheat face and move. Start by walking briskly 30mins or more/day.

My secret? I guess everyones weight loss journey is different. Everyones method is different for trying to achieve the same goal. Weight loss. At the end of the day its calories in needing to be less than calories out. For me, the method above seems to be working. In truth the big secret…the one no one seems to talk about…is that you need to make a conscious decision. How important are your health and weightloss goals? When they become more important than your love of sandwiches and the bread basket at the Texas Roadhouse, you are on the right track.



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