The Evolution of My Body

I am not a proponent of macro-evolution. The idea that life came from non life goes against everything that I see as purely scientific. For the sake of this post, however, let’s look at evolution in a different way. One of the dictionary definitions is “a pattern formed by or as if by a series of movements”.

In the context of this journey: exercise, changing my eating habits, and moving toward a goal, my body has been changed and formed by the decisions I have made each day. I went from 265+ pounds, to a mere 189 in a year. I am stronger, I have more stamina and energy, and I have an understanding about myself that I can do this.

I know my mantra has been 130×30 and yes my original goal was to reach 130 by my birthday. It appears though, that my deadline needs to be extended. Not for lack of will or weakness, but because to realistically get therein 2.5 months, I would probably need to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser in order to make it happen.

The cool thing is that I will be 30 for a whole year. My goal is now extended to december 1st so that I can work on it at a reasonable pace. I will be 130 when I am 30. My body is evolving and I have thing inkling and belief that I can do this.

Happy Friday!


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