My Tracking System

I use a lot of systems to track various parts of my progress. I am trying to whittle this down, but I find that I like having open options. So here are my faves, and what I use them for:

1. iPOD nano (the newest one, square that clips on)- I use this for music and a pedometer. IT’s great for tracking my steps everyday.
2. MyFitnessPal-This is an app that I have on my android phone. I use primarily to input food to make sure I am maintaining a lower carb limit (about 100 g/day) and that I don’t take in too many calories.
3. Whiteboard at Work-I have a little corner of my white board where I track the # of 15 minutes walk. Eat mark is 1 15-minute walk. It’s a fast and easy way to make sure I am getting my walks in each week.
4. My Blog-Yeah yeah, I know I have been silent. I can explain the craziness later, but for now, know that I use this blog as a way to track my progress and how I am feeling. I have a lot of goals on here, but my ultimate one is to reach 130 lbs.


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