I Hate Weeding and Yard Work

I don’t like to garden. I like to look at beautiful yards and gardens, but the work it takes to do it is something that I would prefer to never have to do. However, we have had a slight conundrum at my house. Our garden was full of weeds, our grass died, and the weeds were threatening to overtake the backyard. I won’t tell you how we got into this situation, but it was a situation that needed to be remedied so that we can enjoy the outdoors at our home this spring and summer.

I’m the kind of person that likes things to be complete. I like to get things done, so we can move on to the next thing that needs to be done. Looking at my yard in this state of grossness….well, lets just say I needed to do something to fix it. Oh yeah, I like to fix things that are broken as well. I derive a great sense of satisfaction to see the process of transformation from broken to fixed.

So back to the yard. I think my hubby needed some motivation. He was overwhelmed at the sheer enormity of what needed to be done in the yard and didn’t know where to start. And to be fair, he is only one person, and this is the type of project that should be done by a crew of men with lots of landscaping equipment. Not 1 man with a shovel. Hmmm…I like the ring to that. Anyways, so I offered to “help” with the yard. Wait, let me back up. We had a ginormous shed in our backyard. It was collecting junk and wasps, so I found someone who wanted a shed, and they came and tore it down and hauled it away! It was fantastic. Next step, tackle the weeds. Nate and I spent a morning ripping up weeds in the lawn. Then we spent another afternoon working on the weeds in the garden beds. GardenThe Before photo of the lawn, and the mostly weeded garden beds.

Our next step was going to be to rent a rototiller and till the lawn, but yesterday I had a “brilliant” idea…I got the hubby’s input on how he felt about tilling by hand. By hand, I mean with a shovel. A torturous and tedious task that I can only describe as crazy. Funny thing is I did it before. When I was 12. My sister and I helped my mom turn our backyard from beautiful green grass into a garden. I still have nightmares. 🙂 j/k. So yesterday I started. I didn’t last long due to my son being cranky being stuck in the pack and play. But I got a good start on it. Tonight we have a sitter coming for a couple of hours, so we are hoping to get most of it done while we have daylight.

Even though I hate the process, I know the reward, having an awesome yard, is going to far outweigh this cost. Plus, I am hoping the extra physical activity will help me lost more pounds this week.

Happy Tuesday!


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