I admit my weight-loss has slowed since when I first gave up wheat. I know that in order for me to be successful, I have to incorporate movement/exercise into my daily routine. So I thought about a gym membership, and the idea of getting onto any number of those torturous machines makes me want to cringe. I thought about running, but right now I am not in good running shape. So I thought about the times in my life when I was close to a normal weight. I thought about what my life was like. What was I doing everyday? What did my routines look like? Why was I able to maintain a healthier body weight?

My answer? Movement. Walking. I wasn’t chained to a desk all-day to just go home and sit on my duff in front of the TV all night. I was naturally active. I walked a lot. I had jobs that required me to be on my feet, and I was in college running from class to class. So my modified solution? Daily walks. I have a bad habit of sitting at my desk during my breaks. I have had a bad habit of sitting down too much at night at home.

So here’s my goal:
Average 2 walks/day during work hours for 15 mins each (almost a mile)
Average 1 walk/day at home for 15 mins
Be active at home: chores, yard work, play time with my son, no sitting in front of the TV until 8pm or later.
# Steps/day 10,000+

My hope is that once I reach 10,000 steps/day regularly for 2 weeks, I can start jogging in the evenings for 15-30 mins/day.


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