Adventures in Being Wheat Free

There’s always people who look at you cross-eyed, when you tell them that no you are not celiac, but that you are consciously choosing to be free of something so delightful as wheat in your diet. The shock I get from time to time makes it look like I have suggested that I am choosing to go without Oxygen. Like somehow this grain is so crucial that I will die without it. Well, it’s been 4.5 months now, and aside from a few contaminated items, I haven’t eaten wheat. I haven’t eaten wheat-filled bread since Thanksgiving!

Some of the benefits:
1. Weight-loss feels easier, there’s not as much I can binge on at work
2. I have more energy
3. I eat more unprocessed foods: Fruits, Veggies, Meats, OTHER grains, dairy

Some challenges:
1. Having to be more creative with grab and go meals for lunches
2. Work events…not gluten sensitive foods
3. Finding alternatives for some of my favorite foods (aka…Pizza)

My favorite excuses as to why people won’t try a wheat-free lifestyle:
1. It costs more to eat wheat-free
2. I could never give up (Insert Wheaty Goodness Here)
3. I’m not allergic
4. I’m not addicted

But the rewards are worth it. The energy alone is worth it. I have energy to play with my son, I have energy to keep up with my chores. I have energy to walk and move and be active. It’s great! No more excuses for me. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Adventures in Being Wheat Free

  1. Being wheat free has been( excuse the word) freeing. I feel so much better. I’m no longer sick from eating it. When I have had a few wheat things I always feel yucky. It’s not worth if any more. Great job on being wheat free! Love you Sis!

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