Wheat Free Status Update

It is officially 2.5 months since going wheat free. I continue to be amazed at the responses I get when I share this with people. They range from a “well that’s not healthy, it’s just a fad”, to genuine curiosity, to some even wondering how they could do it for themselves. I feel like a walking petri dish. Like an experiment that people who know what I am doing are watching to see if I succeed or fail.

Some want to know if I am following some fad diet that I will just quit and run back to my old habits as soon as the weight is gone…if I can make it that far. What they don’t understand is that I am no longer striving. I am no longer forcing it. I have my moments of wanting a cupcake or a slice of pizza. I have my moments where I just want to grab a quick sandwich as I am running out of the house. I have those moments where a delicious cheese bagel with cream cheese sounds so good I can taste it. But then I don’t. I don’t have the cravings so strong that it feels like someone else it taking over and I have no power to say no. I don’t have the grogginess and headaches day in and day out. I don’t desire to eat all of those things all of the time. I don’t feel like “I can’t do this anymore, so I am just going to quit”. I would have before. I know how to count calories, but simply restricting calories was so hard for me when I still ate whole grain wheat products. It was nearly impossible. I failed every time.

Today I ate an interesting combination of things. For breakfast I had a chickpea patty (homemade), and some chocolate covered strawberries and peanuts at work, for lunch I had roast beef, a couple of bites of chicken salad, carrots, onions, peas, and corn (mixed veggies). For dinner we’ll probably have some form of potato and meat with green beans. I generally incorporate veggies at every meal…including breakfast (which is new to me).

So for those of you who are skeptical, I completely understand. I was too. But for me it works. Maybe it could for you too. For those of you who are curious and want to know more, just ask. I am by no means an expert, but I can certainly share my story with you. For those of you who want to try it, go cold turkey. Pick up a copy of Wheat Belly, read it, and try it out for 30 days. Let me know how it goes. Share your story with me. I hope you have a blessed Valentine’s Day wherever you are.



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