The Box and Other Ramblings

So what’s with the post about a box? When I got pregnant and was instantly bloated and grew out of my clothes, I placed them in a box. The “I’ll wear you later” box. The box I started to think I may never open again. The box I contemplated getting rid of. I got on the scale this weekend and what did it say…? 194.8 Um yes, if you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know what this number is. It’s The Number. Goal #1 has been reached! So I got on the scale and as I saw those beautiful numbers staring back at me, I thought to myself “hmmm, I wonder if the stuff in the box will fit?” So I pulled out the box and one by one tried on each piece of clothing. I discovered that most of it did indeed fit, and now I have a whole new wardrobe to wear until I get to the next goal. So what’s goal #2? Well, it’s two-fold. It’s 1 part weight, 1 part fitness. Goal #2 is to be able to run a mile without stopping to walk and to be 175 pounds. I have a cute spring dress I would really like to wear. So…yeah, I only have 20 pounds to go to get to my goal of 175. Let’s see if I can get me some Biggest Loser proportion of weighloss, and get to the goal fast!

I also wanted to share some encouragement I got over the weekend. I hadn’t seen my best friend in a couple of weeks and when she saw me, she told me I look really great (she’s not one to compliment very often). Someone else then told me how awesome I was looking and asked “you’re on that hormone thing right (she meant HCG as several women at my church have done this one recently)?”. I told her no, and then shared with her how Nathan and I went wheat free 2 months ago. (She and her daughter are both gluten intolerant and lost a ton of weight once they gave up the wheat). Then she completely understood. So, even though I have a hard time seeing the weight loss, it’s happening, and now others are starting to notice. Only 65 pounds more to go to the final goal…Maybe I should make one of those ring tear-off things they make in Elementary school to mark off the days until Christmas…

Have a blessed Monday and a Blessed Week.



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