Why Go Wheat Free?

As I have been embarking on this “experiment” to go wheat free, I have encountered a lot of people with varying reactions. It has been nearly 2 months, and the only time I did give myself permission to “enjoy” a few cookies, first of all, they really didn’t taste that good to me, and second, I was left with a migraine and extreme hunger for 2 days…hmmm…intersting physical response to something so basic. Something that is everywhere in our food. Sometimes my husband says things like “wheat is in everything”, and while this is in part true, wheat is in most processed foods, I can eat an incredible amoount of delicious foods and I find a great sense of satisfaction in the food I do eat now. I enjoy the taste and flavors, I feel satisfied with smaller portions. A breakfast of hummus and cut up veggies is satisfying. I don’t feel the need to just eat everything in sight.

I am a skeptic by nature. I ask questions. I research and investigate claims made by others, and in this case, I have been subjecting myself to an “experiment” of epic proportions. I try not to take any one person’s word for things. I try to get a broad spectrum of opinions, I try to be an objective “scientist”, and I am beginning to really believe that the author of Wheat Belly may be on to something.

I have asked myself the following questions in this experiment and came up with these answers:
If I give up wheat,
1. What foods will I be missing? desserts, bagels, pizza, pasta, lots of processed foods….
2. What nutrients will I be lacking? none
3. How will I handle social events? fruit, veggies, cheese, meat
4. Will I lose any weight? Yes, yes I have lost weight
5. Will my appetite really change? Yes, I feel satisfied with much less food, and I rarely have cravings.
6. What will I do if I want to indulge? Get creative. We made a cheesecake with a crust that was made out of flaxseed and ground almonds.

My husband and I are in this together. I was able to convince my sister to try it out with us. She has been reading the book, and following a no-wheat plan. But for her, it’s more than just wanting to lose weight. You see, for many years she has struggled with extreme abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other stomach issues. She has dealt with it in silence. In her mind, it was the fats that were causing it. She had her gall-bladder out when she was 18 and was told to avoid foods too high in fat. So she did. She enjoyed her low-fat sandwiches and pastas and every now and then “snuck” a french fry or a real potato chip. She would inevitably end up in the bathroom whether or not she had a lot of fat. She didn’t know why. She did what they told her to do. So, when I suggested her going wheat free with us, I thought that maybe her issues were related to wheat. Maybe a gluten intolerance or something of that sort. So she said ok. She’s been wheat free minus a few “treats” which sent her running to the bathroom. Other than those, she hasn’t had the cramping and the frequent bathroom runs. She is starting to feel like fog has lifted, and she has more energy. All she did was give up wheat.

So why go wheat free? Well, you decide.

Have a blessed Day!


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