Does Obese=Unhealthy?

I am going to make a controversial statement here. It has no medical or scientific backing. Please seek your health care provider for any real advice. It is my opinion and my opinion alone. Ok, now that I made my disclaimer, here goes.

Being obese does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy. I hate how people automatically assume that because I am obese I am really unhealthy, like filled with disease and on the verge of dying. And a skinny/normal weight person is automatically viewed as healthy. So how do we gauge health? Aerobic capacity? Blood test numbers? Weight? BMI? “Health” being “healthy” is defined by webster’s as “the state of being free from illness or injury”. So how do we gauge disease? By tests. I am obese, but I am free from disease and injury. I am healthy.

Today I had a health screening at work. Of course since I am obese, the health care providers seemed surprised that all of my numbers were well within normal range (besides my weight of course).

Blood Pressure: 106/69
Total Blood Cholesterol: 151
LDL Cholesterol:80
HDL Cholesterol:62
Body Fat %: 43.8 (ouch)
BMI: 36 (still ouch)

While obesity in itself is not a disease, it does in fact put me at far more risk of becoming diseased than the average normal weight person. Hence, the reason for this blog and the reason for my quest for 130lbs.

So if you are a normal weight person, don’t automatically assume that you are healthy. If you are obese, don’t assume that you are completely unhealthy. Get regular check-ups from your doctor, and understand the risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, and more. Take care of your health. God created you. Take good care of His craetion.

Blessings and Happy Wednesday!



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