203, Almost to Major Goal #1

It’s coming off slowly, but it’s coming off. It’s amazing what a change in diet alone can do for weight loss. Yes I know I need exercise too, but by focusing on my eating, which is where most of my issues have been, I’ve been able to come to a clearer understanding of a few things.

#1-Food really is fuel. When I put the right kinds of food into my body, I feel better, I think better, and well frankly, I lose weight. If my body is a machine, created by God, then it requires fuel created by God, not overly processed humanized stuff that we call “food”.

#2-My comfort and peace comes from God alone. I don’t need food to comfort me. When all is said and done, food is an evil comforter (ok, maybe slightly exaggerated). When I would binge on whatever, seeking comfort, I would find myself momentarily feeling good, but then when the crash came, or the water weight came on, I would have a feeling of “why did I do that…?”…When I really do seek Him in my times of stress and distress, there’s no remorse, only a peace that passes all understanding.

#3-I can do it. I can do all things through Christ. I can be 130. I can be healthy for life, I can make permanent changes that will impact me for a lifetime. I can.

I am at 203 as of this morning. If I do right by my body, I may be able to get under 200 in the next 2 weeks. 194 is my first big goal…PREPREGNANCY WEIGHT. 175 is the 2nd big goal. 175 will put me in a dress I wore back in 2007 for a friends’ wedding. 160 should put me back in my wedding dress. My “gift” for reaching goal #3 is going to be a trash the dress shoot with my hubby and a friend of mine. I am really excited about that one.

Mantra? 130×30. I can do it. I know I can.

Blessings and Happy Friday!



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