XXL No More


After I had my son, I had to buy several articles of clothing. That were size XXL I weighed over 240, and really these sizes were kinda pushing it. But if you’ve ever been overweight or obese,you’ll understand the mental struggle I went through to even purchase items in that size. I refused to buy any pants in that size, and I just continued to wear maternity pants until I could start fitting into some of my prepregnancy pants.

It feels like its been so long. Sam is almost 9 months old, and I can finally truly say, that I no longer wear an XXL. I put on one of the shirts to sleep in last night. Ihadnt realized how baggy it had gotten. So then I decided to try on my prepregnancy jeans. Well, they are tight, but I could finally get them all the way on. Then when iweighed myself…205!! I feel as excited as a contestant on the biggest loser! I am only 11 pounds away from prepreggo weight, and I really believe I can do it! I really believe I can get to 130 as well. That dream is still afar off, but its beginning to feel more like an attainable dream than a pipedream.

So goodbye XXL. I hope to never see you in my house again.

Have a blessed Saturday!


One thought on “XXL No More

  1. Congratulations – one of my favorite parts is always saying goodbye to an X as it where. 🙂
    That and taking the catalogs from the XX stores straight to the trash from checking the mail now that the smallest size they offer is too big for me.

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