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I was hovering near 220-222 due to the Thanksgiving binge I had last week. My weakness for sweets was satisfied greatly with pie…lots and lots of pie. I love Pecan Pie. I don’t even know how many calories I ate last weekend, I just know that it was waaaay too many. Bummer. I made a commitment this holiday season though. I made a commitment to lose weight. I made a commitment to break through that 210 barrier I haven’t been able to get through since having my baby. I made a decision that hopefully will help me on my journey to 130.

My love of sweets is two-fold. I love bread. Warm, buttery, bread. I love cinnamon toast and pasta, and cookies and icecream and good cake. What do most of these things have in common? Wheat. I was reading some material, and yeah, I know there are lots of fads out there, and lots of research. But I was reading on what some researchers believe are the effects of wheat. They say its addicting. MMMM…there’s nothing like the rolls at Texas Roadhouse, but why can’t I seem to eat only one? Why must I eat 2, or 3, or even 4? Is it a self-control issue? In part, yes, but maybe there’s more to the story. I will be reading a book called Wheat Belly over the next couple of weeks, but I decided that for now, I will cut out the bulk of wheat in my diet. bread, no cookies, cakes, pasta, etc. I know it sounds drastic. I still can eat plenty of non-wheat carbohydrates, so I have no intention of depriving myself of nutrients my body needs. But it certainly doesn’t need the stuff I have been giving it for the past several years.

Its kind of an experiment. The science nerd in me is excited to see what happens after 30 days or so with no major wheat products. Will I feel better? Will I still crave pizza? Will my body shed the fat more efficiently? I don’t know. But I do know that its worth a try. In addition to this, as you know I am doing the 30 day shred. I think the longest I have made it is about 10 days in before I gave up. No quitting this time. I have enlisted some people to help hold me accountable and remind me to do it evryday if it seems like I am “forgetting”.

Last night was a crazy night. We got home from work, I ate dinner really fast, and then had a meeting with a wedding vendor, which was phenomenal BTW from a business and making new friends perspective. Then I had my Bible study and there was pizza. Not even good pizza, but it was calling my name. It took everything within me to not open the box and grab a piece. I felt like I had won a small victory when I didn’t. Because I LOOOVE pizza. Not gonna lie (as my sister likes to say). I could eat a whole box of it. Alone. Then I got home and had several emails to respond to for the business. By the time I was done, it was about 10:30. I had the thought running through my head that I wasn’t going to workout. I was going to wait until the next day, but since one of the people I enlisted to help me be accountable to my commitment is my husband, I didn’t convince myself out of doing it. Instead, as my hubby was heading to bed he came and gave me a kiss, and then said, “Are you gonna do your workout?” (or something like that)…um…what was I going to do then? Say no? Not do it? It didn’t take much, but it was exactly what I needed to hear and it was done in a very loving, non-condemning way. So yes, I did day 4 in a row of the 30 day shred and it went fantastic! I made it through most everything with only a couple of little breaks. I did all of the jumping jacks in the jumping jack segments without feeling like I was going to die. I felt so good after that workout.

Then I went to bed, and spent some time with Jesus. It was incredible. So, Thank you Nathan for helping me stick to my plan, and thank you Jesus for an awesome husband who loves me enough to not let me sabotage myself.

Side Note: As of yesterday, my little boy is 8 months old.

Additional Side Note: I weighed myself this morning and broke 215 again. Yay!!!

Have a wonderful, and blessed day!


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